Management Structure

Abano Healthcare is an operating company that creates partnerships with the clinical and management specialists in the businesses it invests in. The management objective of a new acquisition or venture is to continue to foster the successful elements of the business by continued ownership and internal succession planning. We contribute support in the areas of management and financial processes to help the business develop efficiencies, synergies and effective governance practices.

Each sector is led by a general manager or managing partner, with support from a senior management team from within the business. Along with Abano Healthcare’s CEO and chief financial officer, the senior management team make up the sector management board. Monthly meetings are held by the management board to review performance against activity and approve activity going forward. 

Richard Keys

Chief Executive Officer

Richard was appointed CEO of Abano in 2015. He joined Abano in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer and in 2007, he took on additional operational responsibilities for and became joint CFO/COO.

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Rachel Walsh

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel was appointed as CFO in 2015. She joined the Abano team in 2013 as Group Commercial Manager.

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Andy Tapper

Abano Dental CEO

Andy joined Abano in 2005 as acquisitions manager, taking
over as General Manager Lumino The Dentists in 2006. Following the successful growth of Lumino and the establishment of Maven Dental Group in Australia, Andy was appointed CEO of Abano Dental in November 2015, with oversight of both businesses. Read more

Executives' Long Term Performance-based Share Scheme

In 2015, the Board approved a new long term performance based share scheme for CEO, Richard Keys, on substantially the same terms as the previous Long Term Incentive Schemes that were put in place in 2008 and 2011.

The Board believes that long term performance based share schemes are desirable to ensure there is an alignment of managements’ interests and efforts with the interests of shareholders. Long term incentive schemes also ensure that long term growth and shareholder value are not compromised in favour of short term actions, with management rewarded if the Company performs well over the term of such a scheme.